The Stanford Chronic Care Management System


Information for Hospital Systems and Administrators

Public hospitals, which are often the “providers of last resort” for the underserved and indigent, rely on innovations such as SCCMS to protect their continued ability to provide services to their patients.

SCCMS virtually eliminates unnecessary ER visits, which enhances the ability of public hospital ERs to allocate their resources more effectively, and to better meet the needs of those truly in need of emergency services while at the same time providing a higher quality of service to those with chronic conditions.

To further control costs, public hospitals do not have to bear the costs of training SCCMS nurses or maintaining the computer database application or the telephone triage system that supports SCCMS, because these services can all be provided on a subscription basis by the Stanford Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Moreover, Stanford staff will work with healthcare providers and hospitals that wish to adopt SCCMS internally by training and supervising nurse care managers in the transitional phase of adoption.

The SCCMS is also offered on a trial basis, providing the opportunity for healthcare providers to understand the full scope of benefits before making a permanent commitment.