The Stanford Chronic Care Management System


Information for Foundations

The SCCMS will be of interest to nonprofit foundations that are concerned with the emerging American healthcare crisis, and are exploring innovations that enhance the quality of medical care and the access to medical care, especially among the underserved.

They may be particularly interested in innovations such as the SCCMS that are highly operationalized, efficient and capable of being readily disseminated into clinical care.

Users of SCCMS services such as public hospitals do not have to bear the costs of training SCCMS nurses or maintaining the computer database application or the telephone triage system that supports SCCMS, because these services can all be provided on a “subscription” basis by the Stanford Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Moreover, Stanford staff will work with any healthcare provider or hospital that wishes to adopt SCCMS to train and supervise nurse care managers in the transitional phase of adoption.

Further, healthcare providers may test SCCMS on a trial basis before making a permanent commitment.